Terms & Conditions
Basic Inquiry Online Sessions

Revision Date: 10 March 2021

By registering in a Basic Inquiry Online Session you agree to the following terms and conditions.

No Photography of the Model
Participants will not photograph, screen capture, or otherwise record any digital or film-based image of the model during sessions. Please respect models’ right to control their own image, and take away for your session only your drawings and paintings.
Visual Verification of Participants
Participants will reveal their own video image on Zoom, at the start of sessions, to vouchsafe their identity and participate in online community. The Session Manager will announce a time after which you can turn off your video camera if you prefer.
Role of the Session Manager
The Session Manager has the right to remove any participant from an online session for violation of these rules or for repeatedly disturbing the experience of other session participants. Such decisions will be on the Session Manager's sole authority and without appeal or refund.
Payment and Refunds
This Website offers session registrations for sale. The Website does not handle payments for these products directly but rather refers these payments to a secure third-party payment processor which handles all aspects of the payment process. Any payment issues or disputes should be resolved directly with the payment processor. Once we receive notice by the payment processor of a successful payment, we grant access to the service being purchased as soon as possible, with no guarantees of timeliness or immediacy. Registrations are non-refundable but may in certain circumstances be exchanged for a future session credit.
Collection & Use of Personal Information

You consent to our use and storage of personal information as described in our Privacy Policy. In summary, we collect personally identifiable information that you willingly provide (name, e-mail address) both to give you access to our sessions and for our records of sales and attendance. We do not see, collect, or store any personal or confidential financial information concerning your means of payments, such as your credit card number. (These details instead are known only to the highly-secured third-party payment processing gateway used by this site.) For more information, see our Privacy Policy.