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Robostrar is the online ticket sales and session registration system for Basic Inquiry, the Vancouver Life Drawing Society. You can use it to purchase and register for life drawing sessions we offer in our Main Street studio.

At present, online registration for studio drawing sessions is mandatory. During COVID restrictions, no drop-in artists are permitted in the Studio. Robostrar keeps track of session enrollment to guarantee we operate only within our seating capacity, and provides us with contact-tracing information for all studio participants.

There are four parts to the Robostrar system. Once you’re set up with the system, you’ll spend most of your time in the third part:

To use Robostrar, you will need to log in to your existing account with your email address and password. Anyone is welcome to sign up for an account; all that is required is an email address at which you can be reached.

If you’ve logged in to Robostrar from a public or shared computer, when you’re done with the system, choose Log Out from the top navigation bar to disconnect your account from this computer until you next log in.

Before registering for any studio drawing session, you must acquire either tickets or a pass, which you can buy online at the Purchase tab. This tab only appears when you are logged in.

A ticket entitles you to attend one studio drawing session. You use a ticket when you register for a seat in a particular session. You can buy tickets individually, but it is less expensive to buy more than one at a time. The Purchase tab has several ticket bundles for sale.

A pass entitles you to attend as many sessions as you wish within the valid time period covered by the pass. Passes are only available to Members of the Vancouver Life Drawing Society, and appear for sale on the Purchase tab if you are a registered member.

Robostrar tells you each time you log in how many unused tickets and valid passes remain in your account. If your pass expires or you run out of tickets, return to the Purchase tab to buy more. Online purchasing follows these additional rules:

  • Tickets and passes are currently only for sale on-line, using Robostrar. No tickets are sold at the studio.
  • Certain ticket sales options may not be available if your account already has a large number of unused tickets. Spend down some of your ticket balance by drawing rather than stock-pile more tickets!
  • Depending on which payment option you choose, you may be able to request that your web browser or your payment vendor (e.g. PayPal) stores your payment details for reuse. But for security purposes, Basic Inquiry and Robostrar do not retain or store any credit card or billing information about your account.
  • If you have pre-COVID physical (paper) tickets issued by Basic Inquiry before April 2020, you can exchange them for electronic tickets in your Robostrar account. Send us an email to get started.
  • Robostrar ticket and pass purchases are not refundable. Purchase and use tickets at your own risk.

Use the Register tab to sign up for individual sessions. This tab lists all sessions we are offering from today to several weeks in the future. If you have tickets or a pass, click Register Seat to register for a specific session of interest to you. Once you have successfully registered a seat in a session, good work! You can show up at the Studio for that session and your place in that session is guaranteed.

Seat registration follows these rules:
  • You cannot register for a session marked sold out. We have limited seating capacity in sessions and at this point are enforcing strict session capacity within our Studio.
  • If you have both unused tickets and a free-drawing pass valid on the date of some session you wish to attend, Robostrar will always register the session using your pass, to save your tickets for when that pass expires. (Tickets never expire.)
  • Robostrar may limit the number of registrations you have for upcoming sessions to some reasonable maximum, to ensure fair access to our sessions to all our artists.
  • Currently you cannot register more than one seat in a session, since we need to track all our participants by name and email address. Please encourage your friends to sign up for their own Robostrar accounts and register their own seats.
After you have registered for a session, if you decide you can no longer attend that session, you can cancel your registration on the Register tab. When you cancel a seat registered by ticket, that ticket is re-credited to your account provided you cancel at least 12 hours before the session start. (When you cancel a seat registered by a valid pass, no change is made to your account.)

Please only register for sessions you sincerely plan to attend, and cancel promptly any registrations you are certain you can no longer attend. Due to COVID restrictions, our sessions have extremely limited capacity, and any seat you have registered is a seat in which some other artist can no longer draw.

As with similar sites, your use of any account on this site is governed by legally dense Terms & Conditions. We also have a somewhat more friendly Privacy Policy.

That’s it! If you have any questions about Robostrar, you can ask them by email here.

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